Univ.Prof.Dr. Hans-Jörg MISCHINGER
Curriculum vitae
Personal Data:

Civil status: married
3 children Citizenship: Austrian
DOB: 16 December 1953, Graz, Austria


Elementary and secondary education in Graz


Karl-Franzens University School of Medicine, Graz
MD granted 6 June 1979
Military obligation completed during this period


Accreditation as General Surgeon May 22, 1986
Appointment as Senior Staff Physician 17 June 1987
Postgraduate thesis in surgery and associate professorship, 1990  

Postgraduate training:
1979-1986 Internship, rotations, residency in surgery, Karl-Franzens University School of Medicine, Graz, and the Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder, Graz
1994 Postgraduate Course for Medical Managers, Universities of Vienna and Salzburg  
International experience:

Division of Gastroenterological Endoscopy, Department of Medicine, University of Erlangen, Germany (Prof. I. Demling) (one period per year)

1985 Department of Abdominal and Transplantation Surgery, Hannover School of Medicine, Germany (Prof. R. Pichlmayr)
1988-1990 Transplantation Division, Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (Prof. T. E. Starzl)
1991 Advanced Laparoscopic General Surgery, Marietta, Georgia USA (Profs. H. D. Dorsey, K. Zucker)